Monday, January 30, 2006

What the Italics Mean

I have a short attention span, and I get bored very quickly. The reason I prefer tasting menus is that I have been known to lose interest in the middle of a dish, so the fact that a restaurant serves large portions does not hold a great deal of allure to me. I love small plates restaurants and tapas bars, where I can snack on different tastes to my heart's content, without the formality that is often involved with a tasting menu. While I appreciate the production and performance of formal dining, I also like variety. As long as the food is good, I am just as happy eating at a street cart or at a white-tablecloth-with-sommeliers-and-multiple servers-type restaurant, and everything in between.

So what does all this mean?

I eat out frequently, whether I am home or on the road, and I am generally unlikely to visit any eatery more than once (with the exception of fast food places, which is more a function of time and convenience as opposed to preference). This is not to say that the un-italicized restaurants are not worth going back to (although that is true in some cases) or that I have never gone back to some of those restaurants. Rather, the places I have italicized are the ones that have stood out in some meaningful way from the others, whether because of a single memorable dish that I crave tasting again or because the chef's creativity holds something that draws me back.

Finally, for the sake of accuracy, I have not italicized any restaurants that have either closed or changed chefs since I last dined there, even if my last experience there would have merited italics.


longislandfoodblog said...

Good luck with the blog from a fellow attorney. My blog is far more immature. I've only recently started experimenting with adding pics--not ones I've taken personally, but adding them in from the web, here and there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I'm impressed that you can import pics into your blog site. I'm just trying not to lose the contents of this site, having lost chunks of posts previously. Hope this remains interesting enough for you to visit again once in a while.

kayoko said...

nice blog! especially the fact that there are no pictures- it works! it's great that you are documenting all this through your travels- you are all over the place! so great to get a traveler's perspective.

would love to go to Urasawa someday. and must try the uni panini too.

Anonymous said...

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