Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I Want To Eat at Chez Remy

How do you make rats in the kitchen appealing? (Actually the scenes look so real that some of the mass rat scenes are kind of gross.)

I'm not one to laugh out loud in a movie theatre, but this movie was irresistible. It also made me crave a Bordeaux-- the Lafite label was so realistically drawn that if it were 3-D, I would reach out to grab the bottle (so was the Latour, but not quite as impressive since that label is much simpler). I'm not sure that how well a Lafite would match with Ratatouille, but I really wanted to taste both. And the special sweetbread dish.

Tastes portrayed as swirling colors... The scene where the critic is transported back to his childhood with a taste... Remy having the soul of cook in the body of a rat...


Best Dishes of 2017

1.      Dad's Luncheonette  Cheeseburger Sandwich and Herb Salad 2.      Bakesale Betty Fried Chicken Sandwich 3.      Carney Dog 4....