Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Do you have any food restrictions?"

When I get asked this at a restaurant, my answer is always "no, I eat everything." Which is largely true (these days, large seems to be the operative word, but I digress), since I would hate to miss anything, even if some components may be less desirable in the gastronomical scheme than others. At the risk of sounding [even more] horribly spoiled though, sometimes I am still tempted to think out loud:

1. Lobster

Almost always overcooked and frankly really boring, but it's expensive so it must be good.
No thanks.

2. Truffle oil

There is only word to describe this ingredient-- gross.
I would rather eat unadorned sodium alginate.

3. Lobster WITH truffle oil

4. Seared scallops

I doubt I will ever recover from being sick of this preparation.

5. Beef tenderloin

Might as well have a boneless skinless chicken breast; not much difference in flavor or texture.

Honorable Mention: Crab cakes (I have not seen this item included in anything but a bar menu in quite some time, but still, why would someone do this to something as wonderful as crab?)

Best Dishes of 2017

1.      Dad's Luncheonette  Cheeseburger Sandwich and Herb Salad 2.      Bakesale Betty Fried Chicken Sandwich 3.      Carney Dog 4....