Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Do you have any food restrictions?"

When I get asked this at a restaurant, my answer is always "no, I eat everything." Which is largely true (these days, large seems to be the operative word, but I digress), since I would hate to miss anything, even if some components may be less desirable in the gastronomical scheme than others. At the risk of sounding [even more] horribly spoiled though, sometimes I am still tempted to think out loud:

1. Lobster

Almost always overcooked and frankly really boring, but it's expensive so it must be good.
No thanks.

2. Truffle oil

There is only word to describe this ingredient-- gross.
I would rather eat unadorned sodium alginate.

3. Lobster WITH truffle oil

4. Seared scallops

I doubt I will ever recover from being sick of this preparation.

5. Beef tenderloin

Might as well have a boneless skinless chicken breast; not much difference in flavor or texture.

Honorable Mention: Crab cakes (I have not seen this item included in anything but a bar menu in quite some time, but still, why would someone do this to something as wonderful as crab?)

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