Sunday, January 04, 2009

Frustrated With Top Chef

Does it seem that Top Chef should be more appropriately titled Top Caterer?
Do we really care how well the cheftestants prepare hors d'oeuvres on steam tables for 400 people? As if that Today Show bit was not bad enough-- are we really looking for the Next Food Network Star with Season 5?
Wondering if Food Network's shortened version, Chopped, will be any better. (Answer: No, but Chopped All-Stars was fun to watch)
I am still curious to see whether Fabio, Stefan, and Jamie can really cook. And not for a party of 800. Isn't that why Colicchio is doing Tuesdays with Tom, as opposed opening yet another Lettuce Entertain You type restaurant in Las Vegas or Houston or Atlantic City?
Lastly, how many contrived lines do you think Toby Young prepares in advance of each taping, hoping to come across as clever and/or funny, achieving neither?

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Anne said...

My problem with Top Chef isn't so much with the catering bits as it is with the both the quality of many of the contestants in the first place and the obvious marketability and ratings considerations used in the elimination process.

I understand it is TV, and TV is all about ratings and marketing, but still.

At least on Hell's Kitchen you can count on Gordon Ramsey to select his winners based on growth during the show and future potential, rather than future marketing opportunities.

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