Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Restaurant Website Issues

  1. Why must basic information like days and hours of operation be so difficult to find? A simple home page showing address, phone number, and hours may be pedestrian but also practical and helpful.
  2. Why must there be so many graphics such that the site takes forever to load, particularly on mobile devices?
  3. Can I please see a sample wine list, along with the sample menu, so that I can be prepared when I show up that the majority of the wine selections are priced above $100/bottle? Or worse, include only domestic wines?
  4. I doubt that Thomas Keller, Michael Mina, or Wolfgang Puck will be expediting my dinner. Would it be so disillusioning to post an easily accessible bio of the person who might actually be doing that at a particular kitchen?
  5. The cheesy music whose graphic I cannot immediately locate in order to turn the sound off is not only irritating, but makes it more likely that I will turn to alternative sites, like Yelp, to get restaurant information during the work day so that I am not announcing my potential dinner plans to the entire office.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I totally agree. Restaurants need to realize that most people visiting their websites want INFO, not ambience. Contact/reservation info, address (pictures, maybe), chef bios, and menu (preferably the -actual- menu).

Oh, and /updated/! I was going to have dinner at the Forge in Miami the other day, but apparently they've been closed since March. I had to find this out through Yelp--the website has nothing but music and some fancy scrolling pictures that froze my computer.

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