Thursday, September 13, 2007

Whose Food Do You Want To Eat?

It seems that everyone I know is completely addicted to Top Chef. My favorite episode to date was actually the Season 1 vs. Season 2 "all star" cook-off. I am continually surprised that people are still willing to subject themselves to reality TV (but then again, I never thought that people would actually pay for bottled water) but I love this show. I am thrilled that Bravo is already casting for Season 4.

Having Anthony Bourdain added as a frequent guest judge and blog commentator was a particularly brilliant decision on the part of Bravo TV, especially with Tom Colicchio's holier-than-thou attitude becoming more annoying with each season, which only serves to remind me of my less than stellar experience at Craft.

Like most viewers, I was surprised that Lia did not make it further on season 3, not necessarily because of what I saw but because of her credentials.

Is it odd that I am reluctant to try Perilla because I am afraid I might not like Harold's food as much as I liked him on the show? Same with Tre (although I got the impression from what little could be gleaned from watching instead of tasting, that his food would not be quite as refined as Harold's).

I think most people (including me) are betting that Hung will likely be at least among the last two finalists. He reminds me of Tiffani, not necessarily due to their respective televison portrayal of limited interpersonal skills (I definitely cannot throw stones in that glass house, even if I were not a lawyer), but because they are both daring in a way that I am most curious to try their food out of all of the contestants. The other two contestants whose food I would most like to try are Sam and Cliff, who were my picks for the final two contenders for Season 2.

Next in line of the contestants whose food I would like to try are Elia and Lee-Anne. I just could not tell whether they were really good, or just almost good. (I must say though the challenges have become much more interesting with Lee-Anne in charge of the challenges as culinary producer.)

No interest whatsoever in trying-- Dave, Betty, Howie, and Marisa. They got lucky a few times but they all seemed to share the delusion that their food was actually less mediocre than they appeared.

Between getting to be a judge on Top Chef vs. Iron Chef (well, if we're shooting for the moon, might as well go for when Batali or Morimoto are competing)? How jealous am I of Tim Allen.

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